Business casual?

Updated: Jan 26, 2020

the dress code is ‘business casual’?

what do you wear? what business casual mean?

To help you understand business casual in more detail, St Clair have put together a useful dressing guide that will answer all of your questions on the subject.


the trousers

A pair of wool or cotton trousers instantly speaks business casual, as long as they’re neatly pressed and show no creases. Colour wise, any neutral colours such as beige, grey or brown will work well or even khaki or navy.

the shirt

With shirts, you don’t have to invest in a new wardrobe of shirts that you think are ‘business casual’. Almost any shirt will go well with the rest of your outfit, even a plain white shirt. Button down shirts will look great too

the shoes

When it comes to shoes, it’s simple - as long as they’re either black or brown and made of leather then you’re good to go.

the Sports jacket

go for a nice sports jacket . A sports jacket is less formal than a suit jacket.

with a made to measure jacket, we suggest having a soft shoulder and unlined creating the perfect casual look.

if you're after a new sports jacket give us a shout. st clair suits, tailors of leeds, providing the best made to measure suits in west yorkshire.


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