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Updated: Jan 26, 2020

When considering a new made to measure suit, navy is a must and should never be disregarded. Navy is a staple colour for every gentlemen and is a great foundation for a wardrobe. 

A navy suit will never look out of place, whether thats in the office, at a wedding, or a social function. Want to introduce a classic navy suit to your wardrobe, but don’t know how?

St Clair Suits is on hand to help you with our guild. 

A Crisp white shirt

A crisp white shirt is a go to. It can be matched with any made to measure suit, but when paired with a navy suit, to put its simply, a classic combination.

The navy and white affiliation creates a dapper, strong look: a crisp white shirt against a smart navy suit is a fashion favourite and perfect for all seasons. 

Brown or Black Shoes

Black or brown shoes go perfectly with navy. Most will lean to brown, but here at St Clair Suits we have an open mind. Black goes perfectly also. White trainers 

White trainers is an essential. Just an plain white training, doesn't need to be anything crazy. We've recently seen white trainers matched with suits by big boys such as Suit Supply, it's defiantly been more popular than it has here in the UK. For the younger gents I'd defiantly suggest it, tapered trousers and hem sitting above the ankle.

For older gents, keep it classy, stick with a formal shoe. It looks stronger.

The Tie 

When choosing a tie, it is important not to over think it. A navy suit can be a bold look as it is. St Clair Suits recommends keeping your mind open, most tie styles go with a navy suits, match a white cotton pocket square, honestly you can't go wrong.


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