The DB is often seen as old-fashioned, and therefore worn by older men; it is seen as serious and formal, totally from the truth. at st clair suits, we believe everyman should have a double breasted jacket in their collection.

The Occasion

Once commonly seen on powerful, intimidating folk like the notorious ‘40s gangster or the power-hungry investment banker, the double-breasted suit is a modern comeback.

Today’s double-breasted suit has been updated to feature leaner sleeves and a slimmer fit overall

Here’s everything you need to know about wearing this bold suit choice, from the right fit to the best occasions to wear one.

While you can wear this suit to the office if you’re feeling like making a style statement, depending on the company it can come on a little strong at a job interview or any other situation that calls for a more conservative approach. Pull out the double-breasted suit for big social occasions like a wedding or a night out on the town—it’s an impressive, eye-catching choice, one that’s sure to get you noticed

The Buttons

The two typical button structures are “6 x 2” and “4 x 2”. The first number refers to the overall number of buttons on the suit, and the second is the number of buttons that can be fastened. The “6 x 2” version is the standard. If you’re just going to go with one of the two double-breasted styles, make it this one. Always keep the middle button fastened, regardless of whether you’re sitting down for a meal or standing up to make a speech

Whether or not you decide to try the double-breasted suit, we encourage you to try one on for the swagger factor alone. it's a strong look and we highly recommend it.


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