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The Creation

Why work with St Clair Suits? We are the most affordable made to measure suits in Leeds, our fabrics come from the greatest mills in the world and each one of our suits is unique. We are extremely proud of that.

When it comes to style, everyone is different. St Clair Suits can cater for everyone. Here is a sneak pick at some of your options for your made to measure suit.  The options are endless.

In addition to all the shape giving benefits of the floating half canvas, the semi traditional construction takes the concept of shape several steps further.

In our construction the canvas is extended into the lapel and rather than being fused to the fabric it is pique-stitched. This hand imitated stitch forms a strong natural bond and allows for a beautiful rolling lapels 

Jacket Options

Single breasted and double breasted options

Lapel options


Waistcoat Options

Single Breasted Options

Double Breasted Options

Notch Lapels

Peak Lapels

Trouser Options

St Clair Suts

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