The Service

Be it classic or charismatic, everyone is different. we will listen to your needs to create the perfect garment

By Appointment Only

The First Fitting


Made from scratch our suits originate from our existing pattern, also known as “the block” which is then adapted to your measurements and personal preferences creating the perfect fit.


The Construction of our suits is half canvas.  This allows for a robust and well-shaped shoulder structure - a very important part of a well-fitting jacket - and also ensures the jacket tapers elegantly towards the waist. 


We also have a “soft shoulder” option, giving your suit an Italian look. It’s a more relaxed contemporary fit, perfect for an informal suit or blazer.


We then take a look at fabrics, linings, buttons and any personal touches you may want to add.



The second fitting


In around 6 weeks your suit is here. We then contact you for a follow up fitting to see if any adjustments are needed, if not you are now the owner of a St Clair suit.


We will then save your unique measurements because from our experience one St Clair suit isn’t enough.

St Clair Suts

Bespoke Suits in Leeds and West Yorkshire

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